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Distance from hotel: 6.5 km

Government District: the German Parlament "Reichstag"

The construction of the new government district began in 1997 and was completed in 2003. The Bundeskanzleramt situated opposite the Reichtag was designed by Schultes and Frank. It is the official residence of the German Chancellor (Frau Merkel). The offices are called Alsen-, Luisen- and Dorotheenblock. The Reichstag is a Neo-Renaissance style design by Paul Wallot.
Constructed between 1884 and 1894 it was intended as a symbol of national unity. In 1918 Philipp Scheidemann declared the formation of the Weimarer Republik from the building. In 1933 a fire destroyed the main entrance hall and was not rebuilt untill 1957. It served as a meeting place, as a museum and housed festivals.  1995 the artist Christo and his wife wrapped the reichstag in glistening fabric. The latest phase of rebuilding was between 1995 and 1999 to a design of Norman Foster.